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TiFi (TIFI) Crypto Market Pairs


7.23 %
Rank # 2240 500+ Watchlist
Low High
0.000000027 24H Range 0.000000029
Market Cap 1.63 M
24 Hour Trading Vol 2.69 M
Fully Diluted Valuation 27.48 M
Circulating 56.14 T
Total Supply 949.20 T
Max Supply 1.00 Q
  • 0x17e65e6b9b166fb8e7c59432f0db126711246bc0 binance-smart-chain-0x17e65e6b9b166fb8e7c59432f0db126711246bc0 0x17e65e6b9b166fb8e7c59432f0db126711246bc0
Coin Info
The token is running on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and provides several attractive features that encourage people to invest and trade with the token itself. Token-back reward is the most innovative feature of TiFi token. It stimulates token holders to use TiFi token purchase merchandise by providing ""token reward"" back to consumers, which functions similar to cash reward credit cards. TIFI also offers reflection reward redistributed to every holder. These reward distributions just requires TIFI holders to hold. TiFi token is an anti-inflation cryptocurrency. The decentralized smart contract of TiFi token burns tokens automatically by subtracting a tiny portion from total supply whenever a transaction happens.
The trading volume of TiFi (TIFI) is 2694325 In the last 24 hours.
The total supply of TiFi (TIFI) is 9.4920200471781E+14 and Circulating supply of TiFi (TIFI) is 56,138,643,407,606.00.
24 Hours, High Price of TiFi (TIFI) is USD 2.9266E-8 and Low price of TiFi (TIFI) is USD 2.6965E-8
The current price of TiFi (TIFI) is USD {{ 2.8959E-8