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Metasphere (MTSP)

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Metasphere (MTSP) Metasphere (MTSP)

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MetaSphere is a metaverse platform run on the Ethereum blockchain. It is a platform that allows users to participate in various formats, allowing users to secure their virtual space through the LAND existing on the metaverse. These virtual spaces can be used for a variety of purposes such as space for games, space for exhibitions, and space for conferences. MetaSphere aims to become a platform that can be accessed more easily even by those who do not understand virtual assets by implementing blockchain technology on metaverse to ensure safe ownership and provide various advantages such as scarcity, revenue generation, and interoperability. In addition, MetaSphere will integrate with MetaRare token to enable users to use them in MetaSphere ecosystem, allowing users to utilize various token when using the platform. MetaSphere virtual world utilizes blockchain platforms and non-fungible token(NFT) to give autonomy and serve as a payment and operating medium with digital scarcity, security, and value. The virtual world implemented by MetaSphere utilizes blockchain and NFT to give players and creators autonomy. NFT is an emerging field in the global game market and serves as a virtual token with digital scarcity, security, and authenticity. Each NFT has distinct or unique characteristics and cannot be exchanged or divided into others.
The trading volume of Metasphere (MTSP) is USD 31.53 K In the last 24 hours.
The total supply of Metasphere (MTSP) is 1.00 B and Circulating supply of Metasphere (MTSP) is 0.00.
24 Hours, High Price of Metasphere (MTSP) is USD 0 and Low price of Metasphere (MTSP) is USD 0
The current price of Metasphere (MTSP) is USD 16.45