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3.18 24H Range 3.46
Market Cap 4.63 B
24 Hour Trading Vol 47.11 M
Fully Diluted Valuation 6.79 B
Circulating 1.36 B
Total Supply 2.00 B
Max Supply 2.00 B
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Immutable (IMX) Immutable (IMX)
Coin Info

Immutable X wants to be the first scaling solution for NFTs on Ethereum that works on the second layer. Immutable X says that its blockchain gets rid of Ethereum's problems, such as its lack of scalability, bad user experience, lack of liquidity, and slow developer experience. Instead, users get instant trading and a huge amount of scalability, and minting and trading NFTs doesn't cost any gas. This is done without putting user or asset security at risk. Immutable X uses STARK zk-rollups, a technology that Vitalik Buterin says Ethereum is "all-in" on, to do this.

Users will be able to make and distribute ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens on a huge scale thanks to this technology. Chris Clay, who is in charge of Gods Unchained, a project that is already based on Immutable X, said that Immutable X makes it possible for Gods Unchained to add a new meta-system that wasn't possible before. Immutable X wants to give both users and developers a world-class experience in this way.

James Ferguson, a Forbes 30 Under 30 entrepreneur who led a software development team at a $1 billion eCommerce company, and his brother Robbie Ferguson, also a Forbes 30 Under 30 entrepreneur and a Thiel fellow, started Immutable X.

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The trading volume of Immutable (IMX) is 47110492 In the last 24 hours.
The total supply of Immutable (IMX) is 2000000000 and Circulating supply of Immutable (IMX) is 1,363,694,489.00.
24 Hours, High Price of Immutable (IMX) is USD 3.46 and Low price of Immutable (IMX) is USD 3.18
The current price of Immutable (IMX) is USD {{ 3.39