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Bounty (BNTY)

Circulating 0.00
Total Supply 950.41 M
Max Supply 0.00
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Bounty (BNTY) Bounty (BNTY)

Coin Info

$BNTY Token is the utility token of the Bounty Hunter Space Guild. It's a SPL-Token with a deflationary mechanism. $BNTY can be earned through staking or bought directly. It's used to enjoy all the different utilities (auctions, raffles, entanglements etc...)
The trading volume of Bounty (BNTY) is USD 25.77 K In the last 24 hours.
The total supply of Bounty (BNTY) is 950.41 M and Circulating supply of Bounty (BNTY) is 0.00.
24 Hours, High Price of Bounty (BNTY) is USD 0 and Low price of Bounty (BNTY) is USD 0
The current price of Bounty (BNTY) is USD 0.0000020